University of Wisconsin–Madison



“Sixty Strut Tensegrity Sphere” by R. Buckminister Fuller
Photo by: Jeff Miller

The Wisconsin Institute for Healthcare Systems Engineering (WIHSE) is a research initiative in the College of Engineering at the University of Wisconsin – Madison which will act as a hub to bring together practitioners and researchers in health care and engineering to conduct research, create new knowledge, and design better systems in health care.

The vision of WIHSE is “to be the premier research institute that transforms health care through engineering, positioning us to achieve the Quadruple Aim of revolutionizing the patient experience, improving population health, controlling healthcare costs, and enhancing clinician satisfaction.”


INAUGURAL CONFERENCE MARCH 16-17, 2017  National and local experts in healthcare systems engineering, patient safety and healthcare quality as well as representatives from healthcare delivery and healthcare technology firms discussed the challenges and opportunities engineering and healthcare face to address the Quadruple Aim.

ROUNDTABLE EVENT – WHEN HEALTH CARE MEETS ENGINEERING WELL RECEIVED  Sixty-six College of Engineering and Health Sciences faculty and researchers convened to identify common interests and further define the research agenda for WIHSE.