Join the AHRQ PSLL PhD students during the WIHSE Graduate Student Webinar!

On Wednesday, April 7th from 12:30-2:00pm CT, WIHSE PhD graduate students participating in the AHRQ-funded Patient Safety Learning Lab (PSLL) will be presenting their research during the WIHSE Graduate Student Webinar. For webinar details, visit: WIHSE Graduate Student Webinar

The AHRQ-funded Patient Safety Learning Lab project, “Engineering Safe Care Journeys for Vulnerable Older Adults”, is an interdisciplinary research project aimed at improving communication and coordination, and subsequently patient safety for older adults who present to the Emergency Department. The project will create a ‘patient safety passport’ that will provide opportunities for error detection and recovery, for anticipating patient safety issues in the subsequent steps of the patient journey and for improving communication and coordination across care transitions. This WIHSE project is a collaboration between human factors and systems engineering faculty and researchers, UW Health and health services researchers from emergency medicine, population health sciences, medicine, nursing and pharmacy.